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Failure reason of electric hoist

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The sound of the electric hoist first indicates that there is a certain problem, and then it needs to be understood that the sound may be generated due to the failure of the motor or the reducer.

When the motor is faulty, it is generally necessary to check whether the motor is single-phase or bearing damage, the shaft of the coupling is not correct, and the "broom" is faulty. These will cause the motor to have abnormal noise. The sound position of different faults and the high and low sounds are different. During operation, the entire motor emits a "beep" sound that is regularly strong and weak. In addition, when the shaft of the coupling is not correct or the motor is slightly broomed, the whole motor will also emit a very high "click" sound, accompanied by a sharp and harsh sound.

If the reducer is faulty (such as gearbox or lack of lubrication, abnormal bearing noise, gear wear or damage, bearing damage, etc.), then the inspection should be closed. First, determine whether the gearbox or the bearing needs to increase the use of lubricating oil before the gearbox or bearing. Regular maintenance of the oil, because there is no lubrication, deceleration will not only produce excessive "click" sound, but also excessive wear or damage to the gears and bearings. Secondly, the brake stop distance exceeds the long-term application of the electric wire rope hoist demand reduction length, the brake ring wear is too large, the spring brake pressure is reduced, and the braking force is reduced. Solution Adjust the bolt or replace the brake ring. If the motor temperature is too high, first check if the hoist is overloaded, resulting in electric heating. If the motor is not overloaded and still hot, check the motor bearing damage. Also check whether it meets the power requirements for the work. This is one of the reasons caused by electric heating. When the motor runs, the brake clearance is too small, there is considerable friction, friction heat is generated, and additional load is generated, which causes the speed of the motor to decrease and heat. At this time, the work should be stopped and the brake is turned off again.

Motor failure or gear unit failure is the main cause of the electric hoist. If the electric hoist is found to be“squeaky”, it should stop in time, check the motor and reducer, and take corresponding measures.

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