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European overhead crane maintenance

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European single beam overhead crane, European double beam overhead crane maintenance is very important, standard operation and reasonable maintenance is the guarantee of production efficiency, safe production, next, will be introduced in detail European single beam, double beam bridge crane maintenance and maintenance points:
1. Appearance: the appearance is clean, dust free and yellow robe free. Check for cracks and welds.
2. check and tighten the transmission shaft seat, gear box, coupling, shaft and key loose; 2) check and adjust the gap of brake wheel to make it even, sensitive and reliable.
3. Check whether the reducer of European single-beam bridge crane and European double-beam bridge crane leaks oil. If there is abnormal sound in the box, open the box cover for inspection. Usually due to bearing damage, gear meshing gap too large and serious wear caused by tooth surface.
4. lifting hoist: check whether the wire rope, hook, pulley is safe and reliable, wear more than the specified value should be replaced. Check and adjust the brake to make it safe, sensitive and reliable.
5. European single beam bridge crane, European double beam bridge crane wire rope inspection. The inspection of steel wire rope should focus on observing the fracture, wear, kink, rust and other conditions of steel wire rope. For some serious wear and tear but not exceeding the standard position, the inspection should be marked so as to focus on tracking and reinspection. Pay attention to check whether the wire rope safety limiter in the reel is effective, whether the wire rope press on the reel is tight, and whether the number of the press is appropriate.
6. Lubrication: check the oil quality and amount of each part, and add or replace lubricating oil as needed.
7. Inspection of pulley. The key is whether the groove bottom wear exceeds the standard, whether the cast iron pulley has cracks. Lifting mechanism pulley block balance wheel movement is not normal, easy to be ignored. Therefore, rotation flexibility must be checked before installation. Otherwise, the balance wheel cannot automatically adjust the length and tension of the left and right suspension wire rope, which increases the difficulty and operational risk level of the whole suspension wire rope in high air conditioning.
8. Check the sensitivity and reliability of limit switch; Check the sensitivity and reliability of the electrical equipment in the electrical box; Check the safety and reliability of motor, bell cover and wire; Check the signal lights are in good condition.

9. Check whether the connection of European single-beam bridge crane and European double-beam bridge crane is loose, especially check whether the elastic rubber ring of elastic column pin connection is abnormally worn. Special attention should be paid to wear of gear coupling rings.

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