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Electric winch use precautions

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The winch is a lifting device mainly driven by manpower and mechanical power to complete the pulling work of the reel and the winding rope. It is a lifting machine that can draw heavy objects vertically, horizontally or obliquely. The winch is mainly divided into two main types: motor and electric.
Before the electric hoist winch is used, the installation must first be carried out. Whether the installation of the winch is directly affects the safe use of the equipment. The winch machine should pay attention to the following matters: the winch should be placed in a place with a slightly higher terrain and a good line of sight. At a distance of 15 meters from the lifting point, if it is temporarily used, the steel cord can be pulled to the seat hole on the base and then effectively fixed by the ground anchor. If it is to be used for a long time, the base of the winch is fixed to the concrete foundation by anchor bolts. The ground anchor or concrete foundation must be buried according to the rated traction of the winch, and it must be reliably connected with the machine seat of the equipment to prevent the winch from sliding, displacement, or even pulling the winch during operation.
Pay attention to the following problems when using the electric power winch:
1. The installation distance of the electric winch shall be 15 meters away from the lifting distance of heavy objects. If the crane is used, the distance shall not be less than the height of the mast.
2. The distance from the center of the reel of the winch to the nearest lead pulley shall be more than 20 times of the length of the reel. When the rope is wound to the center of the reel, the rope shall be perpendicular to the center line of the reel.
3. Before use, the winch must be firmly fixed to prevent dumping and slipping of the equipment during lifting.
4. The electrical control of the winch should be placed on the main operator, and all electrical equipment on the equipment site should be equipped with grounding line to prevent electric shock, and the electrical switch should be well protected.
The lifting height of the electric cable winch, in the case of heavy loading and busy working, requires the winch to have good speed regulation performance, especially the empty hook can be dropped quickly. When the winch is installed and used outdoors, the upper part of the equipment should be installed with a shed to keep out the sun and rain, but the operation of the winch should not be impeded.

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