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Electric single beam overhead crane is a kind of equipment?

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Electric single girder overhead crane is usually applied in the industrial manufacturing of a device, electric single-girder crane species in the store now is quite much, electric single girder bridge crane is manufacture of workshop is generally use a manufacturing equipment, is in some heavy industries, this kind of equipment is quite common, electric single-girder crane is a kind of what kind of equipment to?
What's the difference between it and the rest of the cranes? What is the relationship between the lifting weight and working grade of the electric single-beam crane? If the customer wants to purchase, what is the need to study before the single beam crane elements? Below to give us a specific explanation.
Single beam overhead machine crane is originally a bar hanging in the building and walking track are the same kind of cranes. Single beam hanging walking track of crane and crane span can be the implementation of the comfortable setting. This type of crane special appropriate implementation work longer production assembly line, is a kind of hanging on the sorghum can free movement of lifting equipment. In some large manufacturing equipment is probably quite a weight on the assembly line of this kind of crane is one of the essential tools.
Single girder overhead travelling crane lifting weight and crane work level is not the same meaning, electric single-girder crane lifting weight refers to the crane can rise large weight of the goods at a time, it's working level refers to the comprehensive working parameters of electric single-girder crane, what is there between both inevitable, electric single-girder crane lifting weight is very big, but its work is not certainly high grade, high level of crane it instead work of lifting weight is not high.
So even if there are two single beam cranes with the same lifting weight and their working levels are different, the components of the crane may not be the same.

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