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Electric hoists for purchase

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The electric hoist is a special lifting equipment installed on the overhead crane and gantry crane. The electric hoist has the characteristics of small size, light weight, simple operation and convenient use, and is used in industrial and mining enterprises, storage docks and other places. Wire rope electric hoist is mainly classified into electric chain hoist, electric wire hoist, anti-corrosion electric hoist, double-roll electric hoist and so on.
Electric hoist is an electric lifting device, which is commonly used in various light industry, heavy industry, manufacturing and other industries. However, with the development of the lifting equipment industry in recent years, electric hoist industry products are gradually approaching people's daily life. A lot of conveniences brought to people's lives, the frequency and scope of use are getting higher and higher, so many consumers do not know how to choose the parameters of electric hoist when purchasing, the following is the method of electric hoists selection.
The electric chain block hoist is more stable than the wire rope electric hoist. If you need to drive left and right on the I-beam, most customers will choose the electric rope hoist, because it comes with an electric car. Another electric chain hoist also has its own electric car, which is also a good choice.
The electric hoist is usually squirted with a squirrel-cage-type conical rotor motor with its own brake, and the lifting weight is generally 0.1 to 80 tons, and the lifting height is 3 to 30 meters. Most electric hoists are operated on the ground by a button, or they can be operated in the driver's cab or wireless remote control.
In addition to being used alone, the electric hoist can also be assembled with manual, chain or electric trolleys and suspended from the ceiling of the building or the beam of the crane. Mastering the expertise of electric hoists can help us to purchase electric hoists.
From the perspective of enterprise strength, a complete electric hoist production enterprise must have a complete production certificate, safety qualification, equipment testing certificate, etc., as well as a complete production equipment workshop, a complete production and processing inspection as one of the assembly lines, guarantee the quality and safety of the electric hoist. If you are purchasing in large quantities, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer to refer to the best in the field.
In fact, there are still many ways to buy electric hoists. The focus of each consumer is different. Just ask for a detailed inquiry when purchasing. Don’t be blind, don’t want to be cheap, choose a high quality brand, for a moment, you can buy the right electric hoist.

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