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Electric hoist reducer common faults and elimination methods

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The electric hoist's reducer is a very important accessory, and safety is also very important. Here are some examples of common faults and elimination methods for electric cable hoists reducers:
First, the hoisting reducer box body cracking gear transmission abnormal sound. The main reasons are as follows: 1. Due to lack of oil and poor lubrication 2. There are bumps on the tooth surface of the gear, the gear processing precision is low, and the assembly quality is poor 3. The gears and bearings are severely worn, and the degree of fatigue damage is large 4. In the gear box poor cleanliness.

Elimination method: 1, add sufficient lubricant 2, trim the tooth surface bump damage, improve gear processing and assembly accuracy 3, gears and bearings to achieve the level of scrap should be replaced in a timely manner 4, regular cleaning and oil change.
Second, the lifting gear reducer, the box is broken. The main reasons are: the lifting limiter fails, and the outer casing of the hook pulley block hits the outer casing of the reel, causing the hook to deflect the box. Elimination method: The reducer box should be replaced in time, replace or repair the lifting limiter, try to make the limiter less action.
Third, the reducer leaks oil. The main reasons are as follows: 1. The sealing paper pad is damaged between the joint surface of the reducer 2. The sealant is not coated or the uneven sealant is invalid 3. The oil seal performance is invalid 4. The seal at the drain is invalid. Elimination method: 1, replace the sealing paper pad 2, re-apply evenly seal the sealant 3, replace the oil seal  4, replace the seal.

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