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Electric Hoist

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In recent years, electric hoists become more and more popular due to its easy usage and good price. It reduces much work from workers. The specifications of electric hoists are growing to meet the needs of customers and it applies to all walks of life, and even to our daily life. Electric chain hoist is one of competitive products of Hengyuan Crane. As an expert in chain hoist, we introduce a non-standard hoist, electric hoist with double lifting point.

Electric hoist with double lifting points belongs to a kind of wire rope electric hoist (also CD1 wire rope electric hoist). It meets a lot of the special needs of customers and is adopted by most of the industry.

Electric hoist with double lifting points can be divided into two categories:one is hoist with double cylinder and double rope. This is a hoist with two mouth; the other is electric hoist with coaxial and double tube, which means two hoists, drop by coupling among the two gourd synchronization.


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