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Electric Flat Cart Operation Guide

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Electric flat cart operation guide: Tow line (KPT) series, low voltage rail type (KPD) series, battery type (KPX) series and other series of transfer carts have the advantages of wide adaptability, easy operation and convenient maintenance.
The towline type
electric transfer cart is characterized in that the power supply mode adopts a cable reel, and the 380V three-phase power supply directly supplies power to the transfer cart. The cable reel picks up the cable in two ways: one is external force picking, that is, through a small chain transmission reel, the second is self-reed reed type, that is, it is automatically picked up by internal elastic force. The following points should be noted when operating this series of transfer carts.
Towing line cable on access to the power supply should be reliable fixed clamp to fix cable. On the ground or power on, lest the rail transfer cart after moving to drag the cable is broken and dangerous. Before starting the flat cart check whether there is any abnormal on motivation mechanism, speed reducer in filling whether gear oil in place, whether apply grease on the chain, after confirm everything is correct, to start the flat cart. To use the heavy duty flat cart, first send the power of the ground power cabinet, and then close the power button of the cart electric control cabinet on the flat cart. At this time, the power indicator light indicates that the power supply normally enters the flat cart.
Before running the
rail transfer cart, check whether there are any foreign objects on the track. If there are any obstacles such as people or other debris on the passage, you can run the flat cart after everything is normal. When loading the cargo, you should consider the load center of the flat cart. In theory, the cargo should be from the middle to the two. When the terminal is placed, when unloading, the two ends are unloaded first, and finally the intermediate cargo is unloaded. Do not execute rapid reverse operation of flat cart to ensure the stable center of gravity of transfer cart.
After starting the
flat cart operation, change direction, otherwise it will damage the power mechanism of the transfer cart and damage the flat cart. When the flat cart is deactivated, the total power supply in front of the transfer cart control box should be disconnected before the ground power supply cabinet is disconnected. Power supply, control handle is put back into the control box. After using the flat cart for 2-3 months, check the gear oil and chain grease in the gearbox. If there is any reduction, it should be filled in place.

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