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Electric Chain Hoist Maintenance Methods

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1. The chain hoist gearbox oil up to 500 hours from the start of operation, please confirm the amount of lubrication is adequate, regularly should check the oil every three months, the lack need to refuel (LS chain hoist gearbox above the rings of the filling hole, unscrew the screws underneath the drain hole, side hole for the full position).
2. When using outdoor electric chain hoist, should be erected rain facilities.
3. To keep the chain hoist parts dry, when operate the complete electric chain hoist please leave wet areas, high temperature zone or chemical zone in order to maintain its performance and prolong a long life.

4. When chain hoist stop using, should be done anti-rust treatment and cleaning and maintenance, and run up and down for 1-3 minutes, in order to maintain its performance.

5.Make lubrication maintenance On the chain hoist chain.


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