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Double girder overhead crane operating procedures

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1. Before work
A. Check the parts such as brake, hook, wire rope and safety device according to the requirements of spot check card.
B. The operator must confirm that there is no one on the platform or track before closing the main power supply. When the power circuit breaker is locked or has a notice board, the main power supply shall be closed only after the original person concerned has removed it.
2. Work
A. When lifting the heavy weight for the first time (or when the load reaches the maximum weight), each shift should lift the heavy weight 0.5 meters, put the weight down again, check the brake performance, confirm the reliability, and then carry out normal operation.
B. Operators in the operation, should be in accordance with the provisions of the following operations bell alarm.
(1) lift and fall heavy objects; When driving a large or small car.
(2) crane driving in the sight is not clear through, to continuous bell alarm;
(3) crane travel close to the span of another crane.
(4) when the heavy lifting close to personnel.
C. The operation should be carried out according to the unified command signal.
D. When power is suddenly cut off during work, all controller handles should be placed at "zero" position. Check whether the overhead trolley crane operation is normal before starting again.
C. In the normal operation of double girder overhead crane and small car, it is forbidden to brake and stop the car; The handle must be placed at the "zero" position when changing the movement direction of the small car or big car, and after the mechanism stops completely, the car can start in the opposite direction.
D. There are two hooks of the overhead traveling crane , in the main, deputy hook for use and when the height of the two hooks is similar, the main, deputy hook must work alone, to avoid the collision of the two hooks.
E. Two hooks are not allowed to hoist two objects at the same time; Adjust the lifting mechanism brake when it is not working.
F. Stop using limit position limiter is not allowed. It is forbidden to adjust lifting mechanism brake under load.
G. Strictly implement the "ten non-hanging" system:
(1) command signal is not clear or disorderly command not hanging;
(2) in excess of the rated lifting weight not lifting;
(3) the use of the spreader is not reasonable or things tied not securely hanging;
(4) some people or other floating objects not hanging;
(5) the lock or other brake safety devices fail to lift;
(6) electric overhead crane hanging heavy objects directly processing not hanging;
(7) slanted pull hanging not hanging; explosive items are not hung;
(8)under the ground objects don't pull out lifting; transparent with angular block mouth objects, not pad hanging;
H. If any abnormality is found, stop the machine immediately, check the reason and eliminate it in time.
3. After work
A. Lift the hook to a certain height, park the cart or cart at the designated position, and position the controller handle at "zero" position; Pull down the switch handle of the protection box and cut off the power.
B. Carry out daily maintenance.
C. Do shift work well.

double girder overhead crane

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