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Double beam crane reel manufacturing welding method

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When the double beam crane cable reel is manufactured by welding method, its weight can be reduced by about 35-40%. Welded double beam crane reel is made of CR.3 steel.

When designing and welding double beam crane cable reel, it is necessary to avoid using fillet weld welded longitudinal rib plate, because in the welding, the wall of double beam crane reel will be deformed, thus destroying its correct cylindrical shape, and in the later machining will get inconsistent thickness of the drum wall. Because the drum wall is mainly subjected to compression deformation, it is reasonable to adopt transverse ring (stiffened plate), which can increase the rigidity of the drum and make it have correct cylindrical shape.

It is most reasonable to use seamless steel pipe for small diameter welded cylinder parts (diameter below 400cm). The large welded double beam crane drum is rolled steel plate to manufacture and welded with butt seam.

The hub of the welded reel is made of rolled steel, but when the hub size is large, it is cast. Because from the cost point of view, the use of cast hub is more reasonable.

Double beam crane cable reel welding should only use continuous weld. If the dimensions permit, the double weld (X weld) must be used, because the single weld (v weld) will tighten the edge of the welded steel plate, thus destroying the correct cylindrical shape of the double beam crane reel. Welded reels should be annealed before machining.

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