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Double Beam Bridge Crane Features

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Double beam overhead crane is a kind of high performance product which has the characteristics of double beam bridge crane and cross-country crane. It can not only be like the electric bridge crane fast transfer, long distance travel, but also can meet the requirements of working in narrow and rugged or muddy field, that is, fast speed, multi-bridge drive, all-wheel steering, three kinds of steering, large clearance from the ground, climbing ability, high function, is a very promising product. But the price is higher, the use and maintenance level requirements are higher.
The key technology of chassis design is the design of hydro-pneumatic suspension system and multi-bridge steering system. The following is a discussion on the oil - gas suspension system.
The necessary condition of the multi-bridge chassis of the oil-gas suspension system can not only play the role of multi-axle balance, but also increase the roll stiffness of the whole machine, overcome the braking forward, adjust the height of the frame and lock the suspension. The hydro-pneumatic suspension system consists of a hydro-pneumatic spring and a distribution system. Hydro-pneumatic spring is the use of gas as an elastic element, in the gas and piston between the introduction of oil as an intermediate medium; The distribution system USES the flow of oil to balance the axle load, damp vibration and adjust the height of the body. The hydropneumatic suspension system has the following advantages.
Improving ride comfort hydropneumatic spring can obtain a good elastic characteristic curve and lower natural frequency, so the ride comfort and comfort of the trolley is much better than the leaf spring suspension, and reduce the impact force of the vehicle on the ground. The variable stiffness elastic characteristic curve of the suspension can prevent suspension breakdown, which is very important for off-road driving.
Effectively balanced axle load hydro-pneumatic suspension system can be connected through the pipeline, the different axle of the hydro-pneumatic spring cylinder connected to play the role of balanced axle load.
You've reached a new level in terms of technology, but you can't use technology to do dangerous projects, don't challenge thresholds, and work safely. From the safety point of view can not lift the leg completely, so very dangerous, especially the body is the use of spring plate crane is not.


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