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Details of Crane Maintenance

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In the case of long-term use of hoisting machinery, it must be maintained and lubricated regularly, so that it can be used better and can extend its service life. In the process of maintenance, you need to pay attention to the following details.

1. Do a good job of lubricating the crane. The smooth operation of the crane requires lubrication of key parts. Once lack of lubricating oil, it will not only affect the efficiency of work, but also the key parts will easily lead to wear due to blockage. Therefore, it is best to lubricate key parts such as gears in the crane once a week. If you encounter a large project that requires a long period of operation, it is even more necessary to lubricating before starting.

2.Pay attention to the load-bearing capacity of the wire rope. Do not overload the crane when using the crane. Once overloaded, it is not only easy to cause safety accidents, but also reduces the load-bearing capacity of the crane wire rope. The wire rope should be inspected regularly. Once it is found that there is a broken wire or strand, it means that the degree of wear is high and it needs to be replaced immediately.In addition, from a safety point of view, the rim of the crane is also very important. If the rim wear reaches a certain level, it will crack and cause the machine to malfunction. Therefore, it must be regularly inspected and repaired, and preventive measures must be taken in all aspects.


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