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Crane with Grab

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1. Products Introduction 

It is a kind of heavy duty crane and widely used in plants, warehouses, materials stocks to lift goods or materials.
This crane mainly consists of strong bridge beams,crane traveling mechanism, electric winch trolley and electric system,
and could be classified into several working duties according to the working frequency and pure working time.

Main girder

The main girder includes girder box, platform, pantograph and trolley rail. The Main girder will be strictly fabricated
and detected in our workshop according the design and national standard. The toughness and strength are perfect
combination. It applies shot blasting and high quality painting. Well-chosen choose steel plate, advanced welding technology and equipment.


The trolley are assembled with motor, reducer, brake, trolley frame, drum, hook, pulley, rain cover and other parts.
It includes lifting mechanism and cross traveling mechanism. The trolley is strictly designed according to the application and working environment. 

1. Heavy Duty;

2. Long Life Span;

3. Stable and smooth;

End Beam

The Ground Beam works as long traveling mechanism, and it combines with beam, Wheel, Motor, Reducer, Brake and Other Parts. The steel plate adopts shot blasting and high quality painting. High quality raw material. The end beam are connections with bearing beams.


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