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Crane accident characteristics and emergency measures

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Characteristics of hoisting machinery accidents and emergency measures:
(1) Characteristics of crane accidents
1) Accidents are large and crowded, and an accident sometimes involves many people and may be accompanied by damage to large-scale equipment and facilities.
2) The types of accidents are concentrated, and multiple accidents of different nature may occur in one device.
3) The consequences of the accident are serious, and the injury to the person often causes a vicious accident. Generally, it is not a serious injury or death.
4) The person involved in the injury may be the driver, the sergeant and other personnel within the scope of the work, in which the sorcerer is the most injured.
5) Accidents may occur during installation, maintenance and normal lifting operations, among which the most accidents occur during lifting operations.
6) In the high-incidence industry, there are many industries such as construction, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing and transportation, which are related to the large number of lifting equipment, high frequency of use and complicated working conditions.
7) Heavy objects fall is a common accident of all kinds of cranes; truck cranes are prone to tipping accidents; tower cranes are prone to inverted tower folding arm accidents; outdoor overhead cranes are prone to derailment and falling accidents under wind loads.
(2) Types and causes of crane accidents
1) Heavy objects fall. Damage to the spreader or hoisting container, improper binding of objects, improper hooking, sudden loss of power of the electromagnetic chuck, failure of parts of the hoisting mechanism (especially brake failure, broken wire rope), etc. can cause heavy objects to fall. Objects in a high position have potential energy. When falling, potential energy is rapidly converted into kinetic energy. Accidents of falling heavy loads on the upper tonnage, or damage or falling of metal structures of the crane may cause serious consequences.
2) The crane is unstable and tipped over. There are two types of crane instability: one is due to improper operation (such as overload, boom slewing or rotating too fast), the original leg of the leg is not leveled or the foundation is subsided, so that the tilting torque is increased, causing the crane to tip over; Second, due to the slope or wind load, the crane slides along the road or track, causing the derailment to fall over.
3) Destruction of the metal structure. The huge metal structure is an important part of all kinds of bridge cranes, tower cranes and portal cranes. As the skeleton of the whole crane, it not only carries the crane's own weight and hoisting weight, but also frames the three-dimensional space for lifting work. The destruction of metal structures often leads to serious injuries, even the consequences of mass deaths.
4) Squeeze. There is a lack of good safety passages on both sides of the crane rail or a lack of sufficient safety distance between the building structure, so that the running or rotating metal structure body causes pinching injury to the personnel; the operation error of the operating mechanism or the brake failure causes the rolling, causing the grinding pressure damage and so on.
5) Falling from a height. The injury caused by falling from a height when the crane is installed, disassembled, inspected, repaired or operated at a height of > 2 m from the ground.
6) Electric shock. When the crane is working near the transmission line, any component or hanging object is too close to the high-voltage electrified body. Inductive charging or touching a charged object can cause electric shock damage.
7) Other injuries. Other injuries refer to the damage caused by the contact between the human body and the moving parts; the damage caused by the hydraulic components of the hydraulic crane causing the injection of high-pressure liquid; the impact damage of the flying objects; the loading and unloading of high-temperature liquid metal, flammable and explosive, Dangerous goods such as poisonous, corrosive, etc., due to fall or damage caused by damage to the package.
(3) Emergency measures for lifting machinery accidents
1) When the crane is tipping over due to abnormal loads such as typhoon or overload, the relevant departments and maintenance personnel of the crane manufacturing and maintenance unit should be notified to the scene to rescue. When a person is buried under the dumping crane, the power supply should be cut off first, and measures such as jacks, lifting equipment, cutting, etc. should be taken to rescue the person being crushed. When performing the disposal, an experienced person must be appointed to conduct on-site command. And take precautionary measures to prevent the crane from collapsing and the recurrence of crushing accidents.
2) When a fire occurs, measures should be taken to rescue people trapped in high places and unable to escape. The power switch of the lifting device should be cut off immediately to prevent the spread of electrical fires. When extinguishing fires, prevent poisoning and suffocation caused by carbon dioxide. occur.
3) When an electric shock accident occurs, the power supply should be cut off in time to provide on-site ambulance for electric shock personnel to prevent fires caused by electrical equipment.
4) When an accident occurs from the height of the hoisting machinery, measures should be taken to prevent the occurrence of a high-altitude fall accident.
5) If the cargo lift is faulty, causing the cargo to be trapped inside the car, the operator or safety administrator should immediately notify the maintenance unit and dispose of it by the professional maintenance personnel of the maintenance unit. If the maintenance unit cannot arrive quickly, the operator who has been trained to obtain the certificate of the special equipment operator shall release the goods in accordance with the prescribed procedures.

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