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Crane Wheel

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Hengyuan crane co. ltd is a Lifting equipment manufacturer and service provider.We have more than 60 years Machinery manufacturing history which offers specialized high-end lifting equipment and advanced materials handling solutions.

We provide you more technical parameter of the wheel parts.

The horizontal deviation of wheel parts in crane operation is an important technical parameters. The deflection error may gnaw rail increase the running resistance, vibration and noise, intensify rail and wheel wear and greatly reduce the service life of the crane, so it should rule permitted parameter on all kinds of crane manufacturing technology conditions.

The horizontal deflection parameters for the wheel parts in application control are mainly taking corresponding technical measures according to different products. The design structure with common structure and relatively simple design: the wheels are firmed wheel parts by assembled in the support, such as Angle bearing box wheel set and bogie hearth.

bearing box wheel group with 45 ° subdivision. On the crane structure, it is fixed after assembling and adjust the horizontal deviation.

The shortcoming of such kind of structure is that Lifting accessories wheel parts only fixes the wheel as it is difficult to adjust after installation.

If the manufacturer error from the primary structure makes the horizontal level of the installation parts difficult to adjust, it needs many repair work to complete the assemble, which increase the cost and manufacturing cycle. After putting into application, if the worse horizontal deviation is caused by the main structure deformation and stress release, it needs reassembled, or corrected the structure deformation by fire, whose complex and difficult is out of control. It will also increase the cost and quality and reputation.


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