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Crane Part

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Crane remote control, driving exercises, operated by combination of three ways. One, crane remote control, driving exercises, operated by combination of three ways.With the continuous development of enterprises, some customers are no longer a single use of the crane operation mode.
According to the characteristics and requirements of the users themselves, they gradually extend the electrical operation of the crane to the diversified development. The following is a three operation (remote control, driving, ground floor) crane.  
Two, technical requirements
. the weight of 50/20 tons of
. span 16.5 meters
. the lifting height of 12 meters
. the main hook lifting speed of 2 m / s, 3.5/0.35 M / s auxiliary hook
. the speed (speed) 28/14 M / S
. car speed (speed) 21/10.5 M / S
. operation: remote control + open cab + exercise (three conversion)
Three, electrical configuration
. the main lifting mechanism: YZR225M-8 motor, P=22KW, speed 715r/min, brake: YWZ-400/90
. assistant hoisting mechanism: ZD151-6 motor, P=13KW, speed 930r/min, brakes, electric hoist with
. the car run institutions: YDSE160M2-12/6 motor, P=2.8/5.5KW, speed 400/800r/min, brake: YWZ-200/25
. traveling mechanism: YDSE160L-12/6 motor, P=3.8/7.5KW, speed 400/800r/min, no brakes
Four, the Introduction of operation mode
1. Pendent.
Operated by 8+1 button button station (waterproof) operation, of which two lifting mechanism is a single speed button,
lifting control mechanism respectively, the size of the car body is double speed speed control button, running trolley,
and the provisions of the first press down is slow, again press down quickly control.

1. button is power control.
The two control circuit uses the 36V safe voltage, through the 36V relay electric appliance to control the 380V con
Action execution of the final control mechanism.  
. remote control
Remote control using 8 button double speed button control, remote control receiver installed in the electric control box.
By remote transmitter, the receiver receives the signal of the control mode to drive the operation of the mechanism.
As a result of remote control of the vision is more open, easy to operate the advantages, for the majority of users.
But its shortcomings still exist, for example, the receiver's output relay is easily damaged, can not be covered by
the existing range of it allows the required working environment to dry, water, dust, etc..  
Indicate that the operation mode of the three methods of conversion using the conversion switch to control the conversion.  
. Cabin
Driving exercise is used in the driver's room to install the control panel, the operation button is installed in the control panel.
The function of the button is the same with the floor exercise. At the same time increase bell, lighting, fan, start, stop, key switch,
 lights and other related configuration.  
There are many kinds of electric control methods of crane, and the control mode of the same kind of crane is different due to the
 different electrical configuration. The key is to meet the requirements of the process and technology of the equipment to maximize its control performance.

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