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Crane Operator Instructions

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As a crane operator must understand and master some basic knowledge of the following:
1. Elevator should be placed in the line of good sight to operate. When installing, the base must be smooth and firm, both in horizontal and vertical level. Light winch should be forward sinciput back dragging and heavy duty winch should be planted foot screw to prevent sliding or tipping when working.
2. The operator must be trained to understand the structure of the operational hoist, familiar with the operation and maintenance procedures, and pass anexamination before a separate operation.
3. Wire rope from the drum below the lead, rope should be close to the level and avoid dragging on the ground. Wire rope reel need be in the middle position, with the drum at right angles to the axis line. Volume reduction from the first pulley distance shall be not less than 15 m.
4. Operations need the erection work shed, which fenced all around, no unrelated persons entering the work area. Electrical equipment to be installed in the vicinity of winches and operators, confirm grounding is good, ground resistance shall not exceed 10ohms.
5. Wire ropes and pulleys must be checked frequently, pay attention to the wear of the pulley axis, nodules. They are not permitted to reverse the phenomenon of wire rope. If wire rope wear and broken wires in one pitch at 1%, they should be replaced.
6. Crane should first clear obstructions around the workplace before using, check the clutch, brakes, and pulley. Make sure ratchet is reliable, solid protective cover. Unloaded and loaded test run to be confirmed before the official operation.
7. Inverted hoists to differentiate the motor direction of rotation switch and in the same direction, and on the wire rope as a sign of good parking place.

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