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Crane Daily Maintenance

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Crane as a large working machinery, safety work is extremely important, not only to master the safety operation rules, ordinary maintenance is particularly important, a small accessories maintenance is also particularly important, so do a good daily inspection is an important guarantee for crane accessories safe operation
1. Check the pulley of crane accessories. The emphasis is on whether the wear amount at the bottom of the groove exceeds the standard and whether the cast iron pulley has cracks. The balance wheel of the lifting mechanism pulley block is easy to be ignored because it does not move in normal circumstances. Therefore, before the installation of crane accessories must check the flexibility of its rotation, otherwise, the length and tension of the cable can not be automatically adjusted by the balance wheel, so as to increase the difficulty of adjusting the rope at high altitude and dangerous degree of operation.
2. Check whether each coupling is loose or even "roll key". Check whether the elastic rubber ring of the elastic pin coupling has abnormal wear, and pay special attention to the wear condition of the gear ring of the toothed coupling. Due to the poor installation accuracy, under the condition of large offset between the two shafts, the whole gear ring will be bald in a short time. In the hoisting mechanism, if there is such a situation, prone to serious accidents.
3. Check the performance and condition of brake. Brake is an important crane accessories, which directly affects the accuracy and reliability of the movement of each mechanism. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check the status of the lifting and luffing brakes, and observe the brake brake shoe opening and friction brake skin wear. The belt brake should pay attention to check whether the steel backing lining of the brake belt is cracked, whether the transmission of the brake is flexible, whether the brake frame is intact and whether the elasticity of the main spring and auxiliary spring meets the requirements.
We are in the crane accessories in the daily inspection, from the above aspects can better ensure the performance and quality of crane accessories, so that crane accessories can play out a better use effect. Reasonable daily inspection is very beneficial to the extension of the service life of crane accessories, we must pay attention to it.

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