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Single Girder Overhead Crane

Capacity: 1-32 T
Span: 7.5-31.5 M

Lifting Height: 6-30 M
Working Duty: A3-A5
Lifting Speed: 5-15 M/MIN
Double Girder Overhead Crane

Capacity: 5-500 T
5-40 M
Lifting Height: 6-30 M

Working Duty: A5-A7
Protection Grade: IP54
Grab Bucket Overhead Crane

Capacity: 1-50 T
Span: 10.5-31.5 M
Lifting Height: 3-26 M

Working Duty: A5-A8
Trolley Running Speed: 20-40 M/MIN
Magnet overhead crane

Capacity: 16/3.2-32/5 T
Span: 10.5-31.5 M
Max. Lifting Height: 16 M

Working Duty: A6
Crane Running Speed: 50-100 M/MIN
Our Superior Products
Here are the hot products that our customers often purchase, we could supply customized service for you, please leave us a message if you are interested.
Overhead Crane Project
Project Name: 20ton overhead crane with grab bucket
Exported Country: Russia
Main Overhead Crane Data:
1.Span: 22.5m
2.Lifting Height: 16m                

Feedback From Our Client:
"We have the confidence with your company together to seize the opportunity, win-win cooperation, continuously expand the market, creating better grades."
Gantry Crane Project
Project Name: MG Model Industrial Gantry Crane 
Exported Country: Salvador
Main Gantry Crane Data:
1.Lifting Capacity: 32t
2.Span: 14m
3.Lifting Height:13m
4.Industry: Machinery Manufacturing             

Feedback From Our Client Nasrallah Garbiyel:
"We show our thanks to Hengyuan Crane as they send engineers to teach us how to use the machine, and some precautions."
Launcher Girder Crane Project
Project Name: Two Sets Launcher Girder Crane 
Exported Country: Algeria
Main Launcher Girder Crane Data:
1.Lifting Capacity: 80t
2.Span: 40m
3.Lifting Height: 9m
4.Industry: Launcher Girder          

Feedback From Our Client:
The guiding installation of launcher girder crane has been finished,commissioning was also to end.Now the launcher girder is working."                                                          
Other Crane Products
We offer different capacities of electric winches and jib cranes for sale. Quickly provide customers with the best quotation. Best prices & delivery time for clients.
  • electric winch
    Electric Winch Project

    Project Name: JM Electric Winch 5T-170M 2 Sets
    Exported Country: Vietnam
    Main Electric Winch Data:
    1.Arm Length: 5m
    2.Lifting Height: 170m                

    Feedback From Our Client:
    "We need to buy a lot of machinery. Because we are specialized in supplying and installing crane equipment in Vietnam. Are looking forward to cooperate more."
  • jib crane
    Jib Crane Project
    Project Name: Mounted Column Slewing Jib Crane
    Exported Country: Kenya
    Main Jib Crane Data:
    1.Lifting Capacity: 10t
    2.Span: 12m
    3.Lifting Height:13m
    4.Industry: Storage              

    Feedback From Our Client Mr.Saburi:
    "They win our trust because of their good quality and timely arrival."
Maybe You Want
We could supply our old client with spare parts for two years freely, We often regularly visit our client for inspection and solve some technical problems.
Double Girder Overhead Crane

Main Data:
1.Lifting Speed: 5-15 M/MIN
2.Trolley Running Speed:20-40 M/MIN 
3.Crane Running Speed:50-100 M/MIN

1. Heavy duty and high efficient

2. Suitable for any environment

3. Long Life Span: 30-50years

4. Easy for Installation and maintenance

Single Girder Gantry Crane

Main Data:
1.Cantilever Length: 0-15 M
2.Lifting Speed: 5-15 M/MIN 
3.Crane Running Speed:30-50 M/MIN      


1. Double box beam with steel legs

2. Steel Material: Q235 or Q345

3. Low noise and low cost maintenance

4. Safe and reliable operation

Electric Transfer Cart

Main Data:
1.Capacity: 5-300 T
2.Deck: Flat Steel Deck
3.Control Model: Push Button Control      


1. High anti-explosion performance
2. No strict requirement for the construction of the railway
3. Safe and flexible movement


Wire Rope Electric Hoist

Main Data:
Insulation Grade: F
2.Lifting Speed:5-15 M/MIN 
Operation:Handle or remote control    


1. Fluent starting and stopping

2. Low noise and long lifespan

3. All kinds protective device

4. Most convenient lifting device

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