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Construction sites should be on guard against such fires during the hot summer months

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The weather is getting hotter and hotter, many simple color steel plate houses on the construction site began to install high-power air conditioning. The heat is gone, but so is safety. Especially in summer, a short circuit in an air conditioning wire can ignite the whole color steel plate building, resulting in the fire.
At present, some construction sites covet the price is cheap, with polystyrene or polyurethane for the core material color steel plate construction workers temporary housing, this material color steel plate housing fire point is very low, flame retardant poor. In the event of a fire, the fire develops quickly, spreads quickly and burns fiercely. Because the steel structure building space span is big, the combustible material is many, easy to form the large area fire.
Because of the special harmfulness, color steel plate has become the "first killer" of building fire. Specific hazards include:
High temperature smoke accumulation, fire fighting difficult. Color steel plate structure building is relatively closed, polyurethane foam or polystyrene foam and other polymer sandwich material burning will produce a lot of high temperature smoke, so that the building in a short time full of smoke and the accumulation of a lot of heat, to the fire fighting great difficulties.
Poor fire resistance, easy to form a large area of collapse. Caigang is a non-combustible material at room temperature, but in case of flame barbecue, the strength will rapidly decline, especially in the case of fire in large-span buildings, caigang members are easily subjected to high temperature effect to produce distortion, deformation, and then lead to the collapse of a large area of the building.
Building scale is large, easy to form three-dimensional combustion fire. Color steel building due to high strength, light weight, easy to build, building scale generally larger. In case of fire, a large amount of flue gas heat is spread upward through various pipelines and passageways, and it is easy to form a three-dimensional combustion situation.
Easy to cause casualties. When the fire, color steel plate filled with foam and other flammable polymer materials, due to incomplete combustion of toxic and harmful gases or impurities concentration increased, so that people are gradually increased the threat level.
So how to prevent fire in construction site?
We will establish and improve fire control safety organizations, strictly implement the fire control safety responsibility system, and equip fire control facilities and equipment.
Standardize the use of fire, oil, gas, electricity, unauthorized use of open fire is strictly prohibited, decoration material quality to strictly check.
Safety net and thermal insulation materials used on the construction site shall conform to the fire control safety regulations and shall not be made of inflammable or combustible materials.
Construction units shall store and keep construction materials in accordance with safety management standards, and inflammable and explosive articles shall be strictly prohibited. When inflammable and explosive chemical dangerous goods are used in construction, corresponding fire safety measures shall be formulated.
The construction unit shall establish and improve the fire safety management system, and the construction site shall be supervised and inspected by the person in charge of fire prevention.
The construction unit shall establish and improve the safety management system for electricity use, and the electric welding and gas welding construction personnel shall hold professional qualification certificates.
The construction units shall set up temporary fire control lanes at the construction site, do not pile up sundries, and ensure the smooth passage.

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