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Composition of Stationary Lifter

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Stationary hydraulic lifter is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation and is used in various environmental conditions. According to use requirements, it can be installed in enclosed shafts or open floors, or in a concave pit or level surface.

Its main components are:

Shaft parts: in buildings or enclosed or surrounded by light steel mesh frame and installed steel rails on both sides.

Drive parts: driven with hydraulic motors, pumps, relief valves, speed control valve and directional control valve and other parts in a small tank.

Cylinder parts: cylinder is lifting oil platform or lift scissor frame consists of one or more cylinders.

Section: made of steel structure closed door or door system or network platform, there are manual and automatic gates generally open platform does not have a door.

Electrical parts: including power, control, signaling, safety and lighting devices.

Platform: bearing weight of the steel structure platform, have closed (thecar) or open, side guide roller guide shoes, platforms can be joined at the bottom lift cylinder or join scissor-shaped steel frame.

Auxiliary parts: hydraulic pipe fittings, pipes, pressure gauge and steel base and so on.

Safety devices: safety valve, limit, mechanical and electrical interlocks; rupture valves, emergency switches and electrical short circuit protection.

Installation forms.


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