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Classification of Gantry Crane

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The gantry crane is a variant of the overhead crane. It can be used in outdoor cargo yards, bulk cargo and other construction sites for loading and unloading operations. The name of the gantry crane comes from the shape of its metal structure, which is shaped like a door. Two supporting feet are installed under the main bearing beam, which can walk on the ground track. The crane has the advantages of high site utilization, large operating area, superior adaptability, and strong versatility. It is widely used for loading and unloading cargo in port cargo yards.

According to different forms, gantry cranes can be divided into different categories. The following introduces several types of gantry cranes and the forms included in each category.

Classified by door frame structure:

1.Gantry crane

Gantry crane: there is no overhang function on the main beam, and the trolley can only run within the main span

Semi-gantry crane: the height of the legs at both ends is different, depending on the actual use site

2. Cantilever gantry crane

Double cantilever gantry crane: This is the most common gantry crane, and its effective utilization rate of force and site area is high.

Single cantilever gantry crane: selected for site conditions

Classified according to the form of main beam:

1. Single main beam: This model has simple structure, easy disassembly and assembly, and light weight. The main beam is generally of off-track box frame structure, but its adaptable rigidity is weaker than that of double-beam cranes.

2. Double main beam: This model has a large load, large span, good overall stability, and rich varieties. Its dead weight is larger than that of a single main beam gantry crane with the same rated load, and the cost is also higher.

Classified by main beam form:

1. Truss beam gantry crane: It is constructed by welding corners or I-beams. It has the advantages of low cost, light weight, and excellent wind resistance. The disadvantage is that there are many solder joints and relatively low reliability.

2. Box girder gantry crane: It becomes a box structure through steel plate welding, which has better safety and higher adaptability. Commonly used for large tonnage lifting. However, the cost is high, its own weight is large, and the wind resistance is not good.

3. Honeycomb beam gantry crane: the end face of the main beam is triangular, and there are honeycomb holes on the oblique webs on both sides, and chords on the upper and lower parts. The honeycomb beam combines some characteristics of the truss beam and the box beam. The rigidity is large and the reliability is excellent. However, its own weight is relatively large, and its cost is higher than that of truss beams.

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