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Characteristics of Space-saving Crane

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In real life, we don't have much contact with cranes, engineering machinery and equipment but at present by many groups concerned and welcomed, it plays a role which cannot be accomplished by human. Even more, so for crane special category management should receive specialized training, aims to be more normative.

Space-saving crane also has many types in tonnage. Big tonnage crane plays very important role in construction of hydropower station. Now its application and attention are widely increased. Space-saving crane’s lifting hoist is located in main beam of side, can increase whole operation of space, and requires low in plant stiffness. There is no worry on the cost owing to crane lacation.
This is the obvious advantage of this crane.

Except for low requirement on operation, it also have advantage of large track gauge , smooth running,
compact structure, good rigid, sensitive operation, low noise and reliable security, which make it’s process
with security and smooth. While this crane’s requirement for work environment is not high, in summer or 

in winter, it can work normally. In some plant without enough plant height, this crane is the best choice.
But some heavy work, long time operation may also cause some damages.


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