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Characteristics and Application of Several Kinds of Cranes

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Crane is an important facility that promotes industrial development, which is a continuous loading and unloading mechanical equipment. In order to adapt to the needs of different projects, Hengyuan Crane Group innovate many types of cranes, such as mini electric hoist, overhead crane, gantry crane, jib crane, elevator and so on. Then, we will basically introduce the characteristics and applications of these cranes.

1.Small lifting equipment like hoist often has compact structure, light weight and simple operation, which often has limited operation range. Electric hoist often has only one lifting mechanism, and it can only undergo simple lifting movement.

2.Overhead crane can realize vertical or horizontal lifting movement by hanging  goods on the hook or other devices. Overhead crane includes lifting mechanism, large car running mechanism, hoist and electric system.

3.The characteristics of jib cranes are basically the same as those of overhead cranes. The jib cranes include lifting mechanisms, luffing mechanism, power supply system and rotating mechanisms.

4.The lifter is characterized by heavy weights goods fetching ups and downs through the rails. Although there is only one lifting mechanism in the lifter, there are many other attachments in the elevator.

5. The crane type is far more than those types, and there are still other types of cranes that are suitable for different industries, such as portal crane, quayside crane and tower crane. With the development of technology and the improvement of economic strength, the performance and safety of the crane has been greatly improved, and Hengyuan Crane Group will produce more types of cranes to meet the increasingly demands of global customers. 

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