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Bridge launcher crane

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Max Capacity: 900 Ton
Usage: Lifting bridge girder to building bridge.
Application: Highway, High-speed way.
  • JQJ

  • Bridge beam launching girder
  • 0-1m/min
  • Electric Trolley
  • ≤±20‰
  • ≤2000m
  • ≤±20‰
  • A5- A7
  • -25-45 °C
  • Wireless remote or cab control

Bridge launcher girder crane is described also by other terms including beam launching, girder launcher, bridge building crane,and bridge-building machine, this type bridge girder launcher is a special-purpose mobile gantry crane used in bridge construction. It is used to install precast box girders in highway and high-speed rail bridge construction projects. The SLJ908 is a machine that can carry, lift, and place sections of track, connecting pillars by heavy stone blocks. After pillars are in place and construction has been carried out up to a certain pillar, the machine advances over the gap to the next pillar and drops another block of track into place, spanning the gap. The machine then backs up to collect another block, moves forward, and repeats the process.

The main girder of bridge building machine in china adopts triangular truss structure, and the length of each beam is generally less than 12 meters. The main beam of girder launcher machine is connected by a pin shaft so that it has flexible assembly and convenient transportation. Hengyuan Group is an experienced bridge girder erection machine manufacturer, and welcome to contact us at any time if interested.

Features and Advantages:

1. Bridge beam launching girder can accomplish the build of girders with carrying and erection at the same time.
2. The machine can erect 4 pieces of girders with the other two cranes one day, reducing construction cycle.
3. The machine can continue to work just exchanging the front rear legs, no need extra assembly.
4. Unique honeycomb-girder structure, low deflection and high stiffness
5. Put boundary beam in place one time when it has a side load. without hanging landing leg in the air, safe and reliable.
6. If the landing leg front and back is changed a little, it can erect the bridge in a reverse direction
7. The error of bridge girder erection is less than 5mm.
8. Unique pin connection and easy installation.

9. A-type fracture surface, continuous girder with low center of gravity, convenient and reliable.

Safety Devices:

1. Overload protection: If the material is over the capacity, the crane will give a sharp warning for protection itself.
2. Emergency brake: If the operation staff  encounter some emergency situation, we could start the emergency brake system to protection the related treasure.
3. Control Method: Room control or remote control to avoid any injure to the operation staff
4. Main lifting motor: with thermal protection and currency protection.




       Easy to operate

       Excellent performance, 

       reasonable design, high 

       work efficiency, saving time 

       and effort



       Reasonable structure

       The whole machine has

       beautiful structure, good 

       manufacturability, wide working 

       space and stable operation



       Support customization

       Can be customized according
to needs

Max Span 50m 40m 35m 30m
Hoist Capacity 160t 100t 80t 60t
Lifting Speed of Trolley 0.8m/min 0.8m/min 0.8m/min 0.8m/min
Moving Sspeed of Trolley 4.5m/min 4.5m/min 4.5m/min 4.5m/min
Moving Speed of Crane 2.7m/min 2.7m/min 2.7m/min 2.7m/min
Loading Capacity 80t 50t 40t 30t
The Speed of Heavy Load 4-8m/min 4-8m/min 4-8m/min 4-8m/min
The Speed of Empty Load 18m/min 18m/min 18m/min 18m/min
Max Angle of Inclined Bridge 45° 45° 45° 45°

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