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Beam crane type and frame structure

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1. According to the load-bearing mode of the crane running track, cranes can be divided into two types: support type and suspension type. According to the brake method, it can be divided into manual and electric cranes. According to the different main beam structure of the bridge girder, it can be divided into single beam and double beam crane.
2. Type and structure of beam cranes:The bridge supporting girder crane runs along the crane track on the crane beam. The bridge girder of the suspended beam crane runs along the crane track suspended under the factory roof.
3. Types of manual beam cranes: There are three types of manual beam cranes, which are single beam cranes, manual single beam suspension cranes and manual double beam cranes.The bridge girder structure consists of a main beam and an end beam. The main beam is generally made of a single I-beam or a simple steel composite beam, and the end beam is usually welded with a steel or a bent steel plate.
4. There are four types of electric beam cranes: electric single beam crane, motor hoist double beam crane, electric single beam suspension crane and electric double beam suspension crane.
When the main beam span of the bridge structure is 7m to 10m, the multi-purpose steel structure (mainly I-beam) is used as the main beam. When the span is large, the combined section beam structure made of I-beam and section steel or steel plate is usually used. It is also possible to use a truss structural beam or a truss beam girder composed of I-beam and steel, and the end beam is usually a combination of a box-shaped beam or a welded steel welded by a bent steel plate.

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