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Basic Introduction of Anti-explosion Overhead Traveling Crane

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Anti-explosion overhead crane is a hot product of Hengyuan Group, which is mainly used in all kinds of gas working environment, such as mines, chemistry industry and so on. It is often consists of the bridge frame, running mechanism, anti-explosion hoist, electric parts and so on. To ensure safe and smooth operation, we will introduce the basic info about this type of crane as the followings:

The engine and metal surface of anti-explosion overhead crane are taken anti-explosion steps, which can largely improve the safety standard of this crane. We will mainly introduce the mine and workshop anti-explosion overhead traveling crane.

1. Explosion Proof Overhead Crane for Mines

It is mainly used in the ground and underground operation of mines, and the crane should have mine operation security certificate (MA certification).

2. Factory explosion-proof bridge crane

This type of explosion proof bridge crane is often used in inside operation works, such as chemistry industry, oil field, gas field etc.

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