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Advantages of chain hoist over wire rope hoist

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Chain hoist is smaller than wire rope hoist. Because the chain hoist adopts sprocket and chain lifting, the width of the sprocket need only reach 1.6 times of the chain. The wire rope hoist needs to wind the wire rope on the drum, and keep two to three turns on the drum.
Under the condition of the same track height, the hoisting height of the chain hoist is high. For electric wire rope hoist, the wire rope is wound on the drum, the inner side of the wire rope is compressed and the outer side is pulled, so the diameter of the drum must not be too small, more than 20 times the diameter of the wire rope, to ensure that the stress on the wire rope does not exceed the allowable stress. The chain wheel diameter of the chain hoist is not compulsory. Relatively speaking, it can be made much smaller than the wire rope drum of the same tonnage.
The chain hoist has a small running limit. The drums of electric wire rope hoists are generally arranged along the running track of the hoist, occupying a large space. The chain hoist sprocket can be arranged perpendicular to the track, and the size of the sprocket itself is smaller than the size of the drum. In this way, the effective distance that the chain hoist can reach is significantly larger than that of the wire rope hoist.
When the chain hoist is raised, the hook has no horizontal displacement. When the chain hoist is raised, the chain passes the sprocket to achieve the effect of straight up and down. Most wire rope hoists below 5t are single-out rope type. When the hook is up and down, the hook also moves left and right along the direction of the drum due to the left and right movement of the wire rope on the drum.

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