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Advantages of European single beam crane

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European single beam crane, light weight, small structure, low energy consumption. European crane adopts a unique design concept, with small size, light weight, small wheel pressure characteristics. Compared with the traditional crane, the limit distance from the hook to the wall is the smallest, and the clearance height is the lowest. It can work closer to the front, and the lifting height is higher, which actually increases the effective working space of the existing workshop.

The European single-beam crane realizes stepless speed regulation with frequency conversion between 0-45m/min, and adopts low clearance design, which can effectively increase the transportation space, as well as the unique c-type structure, and correspondingly improve the transportation space. European single-beam crane starts, runs smoothly, has no impact, has good mute effect, can reduce the noise harm. The low failure rate of European single-beam crane greatly reduces the maintenance cost, and the service life of up to 30 years, no worries. European optimization design, not only light weight, but also can be programmed from the ceiling, to achieve comprehensive protection, and protection level of IP55, H class insulation, powerful role. In the system composition has the hard tooth surface reducer, the bearing capacity is high, the service life is long, the electromagnetic disc brake, the dustproof, the self-debugging brake, does not need the manual adjustment, the half grease lubrication and the high strength galvanized anti-rust wire rope, does not need the maintenance, and has the motor, the brake, the reduction box three in one to drive. European single beam crane can be used for warehouse loading and unloading, material handling, mold assembly and other work.

The main beam of the European single-beam crane is mostly made of i-shaped steel or the combination section of steel type and steel plate. The hoisting trolley is usually assembled with hand-drawn hoist, electric hoist or hoist as the lifting mechanism part, which is used to lift the goods in different occasions.

Europe type single-girder crane USES the high strength galvanized steel wire rope, disc brakes, machine of decelerate of hard tooth flank, programmable up ceiling, prevent the hardware configuration, such as suspension rope guide to configure the real-time monitoring, electronic stabilizer, inching function, dead slow function, zero speed hovering, 4 g remote communication, remote diagnosis, intelligent modular functions such as automatic control, intelligent easy handling.

European Style Crane

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